8 Fancy Appetizer Servers

Have you ever been to a party where someone had a really cool appetizer server? We searched the web for the coolest appetizer servers, and here are some of our favorites. Next time you throw a get-together, try one of these 8 fancy ways to serve your appetizers!

1. Acrylic Condiments on Ice Keeps Chilled Tray

This acrylic container will help keep your condiments or chilled appetizers cool during the whole party, so you don’t have to worry about putting them back in the fridge!
Condiments on Ice

2. Appetizer Cones with Ramekin

You don’t have to dine out at a restaurant to eat your fries in a cool cone. Create a fun night in by serving your favorite appetizer in these appetizer cones. They even come with a cute mini dipping bowl attached.

Appetizer Cones

3. 30 Piece Bamboo Skewer Appetizer Tray

Just looking at this bamboo skewer board set gives me so many appetizer skewer ideas! Caprese on a stick? Grapes and cheese cubes? Meatballs? Endless!

Bamboo Skewer Tray

4. Acacia Wood Chip and Dip Platter

A fancy wooden bowl to serve your favorite chips and dip. This bowl goes with just about any theme or style.

Acacia Chip and Dip Tray

5. Bamboo Bread Cutting Board

This cutting board is brilliant – it has groves for those perfect slices of bread! The attached dipping bowl is an extra plus.

Bamboo Bread Cutting Board

6. Tasting Spoons Set

Not only do these tasting spoons look fancy, but you can totally go with the “less is more” theme using tasting spoons to serve your favorite appetizer.

Appetizer Spoons

7. Flutes and Pearls Cracker Tray

Did your mom have one of these, too? Classic cracker server at your service!

cracker tray

8. Crystal Cheese and Cracker Dish

An extra fancy way to serve appetizers is on crystal. Crystal just screams “fancy dinner party,” amiright? Use this crystal cheese and cracker dish for those extra special occasions.

Crystal Cheese and Cracker Dish

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