7 Non-Traditional Bundt Cake Pans

Growing up, bundt cakes were a dessert staple in my house. These days, bundt cake pans have come a long way from the traditional shape we all know and love. Here are seven beautiful bundt cake pans that are not in any way traditional.

1) Rose Bundt Pan

Bake your bundt cake in the shape of a rose! This rose bundt pan is non-stick for easy release of your cake. It is perfect for special occasions!

Rose Bundt Pan

2) Spiral Bundt Pan

This Heritage Bundt Pan by Nordic Ware draws all the attention with its tucked in spirals. Draw frosting on the edges of this bundt cake for an even more dramatic finished look.

Spiral Bundt Pan

3) Heart Bundt Pan

This heart-shaped bundt cake pan is perfect for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Or just to say I love you.

Heart Bundt Pan

4) Chiffon Bundt Pan

This bundt pan creates an elegant cake with cascading ripples down the sides. It is so pretty that it doesn’t need much decoration once the cake is baked!

Chiffon Bundt Pan

5) Castle Bundt Pan

Who wants to build a sand castle? With this castle bundt cake pan, you can create your own sand castle cake! This bundt cake pan is perfect for children’s birthday parties, too.

Castle bundt pan

6) Pine Forest Bundt Pan

Create a snowy pine forest look with this pine tree bundt cake pan by sprinkling powdered sugar over the cake.

Pine Tree Bundt Pan

7) Dimensions Bundt Pan

This bundt cake pan creates a gorgeous dramatic look with its multi-dimension mold.

Dimension Bundt Pan

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