7 Essential Items for DIY Herb Preparation

We all know that buying herbs at the grocery store can be very expensive. This is especially true if, like me, you use them for cooking every day! Maybe it is time to grow your own herb garden. If you aren’t up for that, I have also found some pretty awesome tools that will save you time and stress when it comes to herb preparation. Check out these seven essential items for do-it-yourself herb preparation in the kitchen!

1) Indoor Kitchen Gardening Book

If you don’t know where to begin, this indoor kitchen gardening book is a good place to start. Learn about growing your own herbs for use with cooking.

Indoor Kitchen Gardening

2) Herb Wall Hanging Planter

This is a space-saving planter idea for growing your herbs and storing fresh planted herbs in the kitchen.

Round Wall and Hanging Planter

3) Herb Drying Rack

Perfect for drying your fresh herbs, hang this rack anywhere in your kitchen. When you have herbs drying, it also gives your kitchen some nice decoration!

Herb Drying Rack

4) Herb Stripper

Now that you have dried herbs, how do you prepare them for cooking? One way is to use this easy herb stripper, which leaves you with only the parts you need and not the stems.

Herb Stripper

5) Herb Scissors

If you have ever tried chopping or cutting herbs with regular scissors, you definitely wished you had a pair of these herb scissors. These scissors are made especially for cutting herbs, and with five blades they do the job quick.

Herb Scissors

6) Herb Savor

Whether you are buying herbs from the grocery store, or growing your own, this herb savor will make them last longer (up to three weeks). It is the perfect way to store your herbs!

Herb Savor

7) Organic Herb Seeds

Ready to start your own herb garden? Here is a set of organic herb seeds that you will need to get started!

organic herb seeds

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