7 Cool Ice Cube Trays

Why settle for boring ice cube trays when there are so many fun ice cube trays out there? Once you have seen these, you won’t ever want to make ice the boring way again! Here are seven ice cube trays of various shapes you’ll be sure to love.

1. Seashell Ice Tray

Perfect for summer, this seashell ice tray makes different beautiful shells for an on-the-beach feel.

Seashell Ice Cube Tray

2. Birds and Hearts Ice Cube Tray

At under $2, this birds and hearts ice cube tray is a steal. Use it for anniversaries, date nights, and of course, Valentine’s Day!

Birds and Hearts Ice Cube Tray

3. Pineapple Ice Cube Tray

These little pineapple ice cubes scream tropical. Wherever you are, drop these cute pineapple ice cubes in your drink and go to your tropical happy place.

pineapple ice tray


4. Teddy Bear Ice Cube Tray

Teddy bear ice cubes are just adorable. ‘Nuff said.

teddy bear ice tray

5. Smiley Face Ice Cube Tray

What a better way to brighten up someone’s day than dropping some of these smiley face ice cube in their drink :)

Smiley Face Ice Cubes

6. Octopus Ice Cube Tray

Drop a few of these octopus ice cubes in your drink and watch them go swimming. A sure hit with the kids!

Octopus Ice Cube Tray

7. Large Ice Balls

If you are looking to keep your drink cold, without all the ice cubes, these large ice balls are perfect. They look fancy, too!

Large Ice Balls


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