5 Exquisite Ways to Serve Coffee

It is time to say goodbye to those non-matching coffee mugs you have had since college, and say hello to an exciting new way to serve coffee. Whether you are enjoying a cup of joe alone, or serving coffee to guests, you will absolutely love these serving ideas.

1) 9-piece white coffee cup, saucer and pot set

Keep things organized and classy with this white and metal coffee cup, saucer and pot set. It contains everything you need in a small space, and looks good while doing it.

9-piece coffee set

2) Bamboo mug stand

Need to free up some shelf space? Or maybe you just have some really cool mugs you want to put on display. This bamboo coffee mug stand goes with anything, and is a cool way to display your coffee mugs.


Bamboo mug stand

3) Bodum Bistro Coffee Mugs

There is something about glass coffee mugs that make the coffee drinking experience more¬†ahhhh. Maybe it’s because you can see everything through the mug?!

Bodum bistro

4) 12-piece espresso set

If you like to pair your coffee or espresso with a biscotti, scone, or other sweet treat, this espresso set is for you. Each mug is paired with a saucer the extends out to hold a treat on the side.

white espresso set

5) 5-piece silver coffee server set

Treat your guests like royalty and serve them with this fancy silver coffee server set. It includes a coffee pot, tea pot, a sugar bowl, a creamer pot and a tray.

Silver Coffee Set

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