3 Easy Ways to Peel Garlic

I love using garlic when cooking. I use it all the time. One of the most frustrating things about cooking with garlic is having to peel the cloves! It takes so long, even when you know the “crush it with a knife first” trick. Peeling garlic is just annoying. That’s why we searched for the easiest, fastest ways to peel garlic cloves. Here are three gadgets that will make peeling garlic so much easier!

1) Zyliss “No Peel” Garlic Press

This is my favorite garlic peeler, because it is a garlic press that doesn’t require peeled garlic – it peels the garlic cloves for you! How amazing is that? Two birds with one stone…or should I say, garlic press :)

Zyliss No Peel Garlic Press


2) Chef’n Garlic Zoom

No mess or garlicy fingers here. Simply add the cloves and roll! It is the largest of the three, but this garlic gadget has a 2-in-1 design, and can also chop the garlic cloves with a stainless steel blade. Love!



3) Kuhn Rikon Silicone Garlic Rollers

This is the lightest and most simple tool of the bunch, and is easy to store in your kitchen. Made of lightweight silicone, this garlic peeler will keep the odor off your hands as you simply place a clove inside and roll with both hands. The peel sheds off in seconds! Now that’s magic.

Silicone Garlic Peeler

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