10 Easter Table Setting Ideas

Easter is only one month away, so it is the perfect time to start planning your Easter table setting. From cake stands to napkin rings, we got you covered. If you aren’t hosting Easter dinner, these items also make wonderful gifts for the host/hostess. Here are ten Easter table setting ideas to help you create the most beautiful Easter table setting for your guests.

1) Glitter Easter Egg Centerpiece

These glitter Easter eggs look beautiful on your Easter table when set in a glass jar or Easter basket. Make them the centerpiece for your Easter table setting.


2) Bunny Cake/Cupcake Stand

Showcase your homemade desserts on this Easter bunny pedestal. You can display a cake, cupcakes, brownies, truffles, and more.

Easter Bunny Cake Stand

3) Easter Egg Display

Planning on decorating Easter eggs this year? This Easter egg carousel is the perfect way to show them off! Make it your Easter table centerpiece.

Easter Egg Display

4) Bunny Vase

Fill this vase with a colorful flower arrangement and it will look like the bunny is holding them in his arms. He will sit perfectly on your kitchen countertop or on your dining table.

Easter Bunny Vase

5) Bunny Platter

This white bunny platter is a festive serving dish for meats, appetizers, or desserts. What would you serve on it for Easter dinner?

Bunny Platter

6) Bunny and Egg Chip and Dip Set

Fill this bunny and egg set with your favorite chip and dip combination. You can also use it for fruit and chocolate dipping sauce in the middle for a fun Easter dessert idea! Or, what about Peeps on the bunny and chocolate eggs in the egg?

Easter Chip and Dip Set

7) Ceramic Bunny Bowl

Fill this cute white bunny bowl up with your favorite Easter candy. I would do chocolate eggs. Yum!

Ceramic Bunny Bowl

8) Ivory Easter Bunny Plates

These vintage Easter bunny plates will match any table setting, since they have a simple, neutral design. Go colorful or go neutral – either way, these plates will go great with your Easter table setup!

Easter Bunny Plates

9) Wooden Bunny Napkin Rings

Wood always makes a table setting feel more rustic and cozy. This Easter, try these wooden Easter bunny napkin rings to hold your silverware together.

Wooden Bunny Napkin Ring

10) Easter Bunny Napkins

No Easter table setting is complete without Easter bunny napkins! These are washable and reusable so you can use them for years to come. They have neutral colors to match any table setting.

Easter bunny napkins

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