10 Colorful Kitchen Mats That Will Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Do you have a kitchen mat you just love? Personally, I have an old bathroom mat I didn’t want to throw away in my kitchen. My search for a new kitchen mat led me to these ten colorful kitchen mats that I absolutely loved, since I think each one says something unique about the owner’s personality. Which kitchen mat is your favorite? From practical to just plain fun, here are ten colorful kitchen mats that are sure to brighten up your kitchen.

1) Strawberry Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

This strawberry kitchen mat gives your kitchen a healthy feel to it, and adds a lovely red color. It is also an anti-fatigue mat, giving it extra brownie points.

Strawberry Kitchen Mat

2) Eat Laugh Live Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

An uplifting quote is written on this kitchen mat. It is also anti-fatigue to help your tired legs when standing too long in the kitchen.

EatLiveLaugh kitchen mat

3) Shell Kitchen Mat

Perfect for a beach theme or if you have a lot of blue in your kitchen, this mat is anti-fatigue, water resistant and slip-proof. Just looking at it takes me to the beach…

Beach Kitchen Mat

4) Half Round Watermelon Mat

Add some fun to your kitchen with this cute half round watermelon mat. It is non-slip and made with water absorbing material. Perfect to slide next to any counter or refrigerator.

Watermelon mat

5) Stain Resistant Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you are more into solids, but want a pop of color, this plain anti-fatigue kitchen mat is for you. Extra comfy, and it comes in different colors.

Red Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

6) Wine Lover’s Kitchen Mat

Do I need to say more? This is the perfect kitchen mat for wine lovers, and yes it is also anti-fatigue!

Wine Kitchen Mat

7) Velvet Pebbles Kitchen Mat

Available in two sizes, this super soft and affordable kitchen mat feels great under your feet and looks pretty in your kitchen. It comes in a few different colors and is non-slip.

Pebbles Kitchen Mat

9) Coffee Lover’s Kitchen Mat

If you love coffee, this is the perfect kitchen mat for you. Walk into your kitchen everyday and be reminded of your love for coffee when looking at this anti-fatigue kitchen mat.

Coffee kitchen mat

10) Double-Sided Vegetable Kitchen Mat

One side is colorful, and the other is white and black. Both sides have vegetable designs on them, and this mat is anti-fatigue to give your legs a break from standing in the kitchen.

vegetable kitchen mat

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